Step 3 - Payment of the application and proof of payment

Step 3 - Payment of the application and proof of payment

In case of successful data verification and confirmation of the application, the user can pay for your application with the status "Awaiting payment". To do this, click on the link provided in the email. Active link leads to the merchant service. For ease of use, proof of payment is not required because the service automatically fix it. But note that the operator may request a copy of the payment order - in this capacity is sufficient to provide a screenshot.

The next step is user-customer - a prepayment. It is necessary to make it happen for exactly 20 minutes after the application for the exchanges. Otherwise (if the user does not have time to make an advance payment for 20 minutes), the system automatically rejects the request.

If successful, timely prepayment application is given the status "Paid", as the user is notified by e-mail.

In some cases, when the application was still paid, but not in time (after the end of a period of 20 minutes), there are two possible scenarios:

  1. The operator manually executes an application;
  2. Translated late finances back to the account of the user, but are deducted 2% commission (acquiring bank).

The situation with the return of funds to the user minus the cost of acquiring works well in case of cancellation of the application (by the will of the user or because of the prohibition of payment for WebMoney purses in excess of the limit).