Step 1 - Formation of the application at the user-customer

The initial stage of the procedure exchange. Users need to go to the page O WebMoney or right on the home page to enter the system of the requested data. This information concerns the titular characters, number purse-user customer's bank details and contact information. Please note that the prepayment and payment requests must be made with the same purse. Otherwise, the application will be rejected automatically.

Step 2 - Check the information in the application and its confirmation (or reject)

When the application is formed on said in her e-mail address will receive a message about the beginning of testing. Test lasts about three minutes, during which the system is based on the X19 interface compares the data entered by the user, with the data center certification, as well as bank details. To confirm the request and assign it the status of waiting for payment, all data must be fully matched. In this case, the user-customer exchange can immediately pay for the operation through the API, without leaving the site.

Step 3 - Payment of the application and proof of payment

In case of successful data verification and confirmation of the application, the user can pay for your application with the status "Awaiting payment". To do this, click on the link provided in the email. Active link leads to the merchant service. For ease of use, proof of payment is not required because the service automatically fix it. But note that the operator may request a copy of the payment order - in this capacity is sufficient to provide a screenshot.

Step 4 - Payment system application (user exchange)

Currency Exchange WebMoney system is carried out after receipt of payment on request by the customer. Operation exchange takes place in time (depending on the titular characters):

Input / output WebMoney - from 1-7 minutes to 12 hours after payment.

Step 5 - Closing application. Completing the exchange. user Notice

After successful payment of the application and receipt of funds to the user for these details to them, the application is given the status "Done".

Risk Disclosure

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