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Here are the steps

Formation of the application at the user-customer.

The initial stage of the procedure exchange. Users need to go to the page buy or sell WebMoney or right on the home page to enter the system of the requested data.
This information concerns the titular characters, number purse-user customer's bank details and contact information ...
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Check the information in the application to provide service system.

When the application is formed on said in her e-mail address will receive a message about the beginning of testing.
Test lasts about three minutes, during which the system is based on the X19 interface compares the data entered by the user, with the data center certification, as well as bank details ...
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According to the audit, the application is confirmed or rejected.

In cases uspeshnoy veryfykatsyy Confirmation of data and applications a user of your application can u pay for CO status «Ozhydaet oplatы». To do this, click on Nuzhny links predostavlennoy electron in writing.
Active link prospered for Merchant-service. For udobstva Using, Confirmation payment is not required, because the ego SERVICE zafyksyruet to Automatic. But choose Wikipedia, the operator can u ask for something cops-payment ...
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If the application is accepted, a user-customer requires prepayment.

Currency exchange WebMoney osushchestvljaetsja systemoy after obtaining predoplatы at the request by the user - the customer. Operations happening in this metabolism Term (in dependence from iconic tytulnыh):
Application Can not paid systemoy bыt (not proyzveden exchange tytulnыh landmark) in spetsyfycheskyh cases (by force Mazhorova Exclusive)...
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Service performs an operation in accordance with an exchange request.

After successful payment application and receipt of funds referred it to the user information, application assigned the status of «Done».
User-customer receives notification to this effect in the form of e-mail, which sets out the details of the operation carried out by the exchange (payment number (code), and the amount of transfer) ...
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User-customer receives a notification of the successful operation of an exchange webmoney.

User-customer receives a notification of the successful operation of an exchange webmoney
Our enterprise services independent decisions on proposals and quotations received by us alone ...
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Why us?


Any delay in payment for all time. The absence of complaints from the customers for all time.


We carefully monitor every transaction and application, in case of problems, solve them online.


All the courses and commissions are negotiated prior to the transaction. In the absence of the possibility of carrying out transactions in one direction, we report it immediately.


All obligations and deadlines required to run. Scheduled meetings are carried extremely rare.


For larger partners, or in the case of mutual benefit with our customers, we are ready to provide special schedule of meetings, working conditions, rates and fees.


I learned about them from friends, send a request.Call back immediately, we made a discount. Guys, I adore you!

Natalia, 28 years.

Learned about them from friends, sent an application. Immediately called back, made a discount. Guys, I love you!

Vladimir, 24, a computer programmer.

Reliable - the first time was scary display, but with the protection code, and next to my office, I decided to take a chance. At the meeting were delayed for 5 min., But it is not terrible, the bill tested in the bank, I'll refer to them in the future.

Elena, 22, a businessman.

Add a purse, first transferred to VSW protection code, usually all working on an advance payment, after the calculation immediately received the protection code, everything is OK. Hope will also work well in the future.

Believe us, we'll never spam helmets


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